Commitment, Values, Sustainability, Development

Delivering sustainable solutions for farmers around the world


Growing a Brighter Future for a Better World

Cangro-Genetics Inc. is a large research and development company that has formed over the past 25 years. Unlike other large seed companies who focus on genetically motified products, Cangro-Genetics Inc. is dedicated to producing a large variety of Non-GMO seeds. Our goal is for Non-GMO to maintain or exceed yield so that Non-GMO and Organic can stay competitive and affordable to customers. More and more the worlds food demand is for organic and Non-GMO products, therefore Cangro-Genetics Inc. has and will continue to invest in Non-GMO research and development.

Our Commitment

We aim to be good business partners as well as good enviromental stewards by producing the best products on the market.

Our Core Values

Safety and health, highest ethical standards, enviromental stewardship and respect for people – are the foundation for everything we do.


Through the development of new products we can increase crop productivity to meen current and future food, feed and materials needs.

Agricultural Development

We are working to develop sustainable solutions for farmers around the world that drive yeild through more efficent and sustainable use of water, nutrients and soil.